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District Policies and Education Codes

         Twin Rivers Unified School District Policies and Education Codes

Good Citizenship and Behavior: TRUSD HB24 At a minimum, students should:

  • Follow rules and laws
  • Avoid any situation or activity that has the potential to cause a verbal or physical conflict;
  • Respect authority, property, yourself and the rights of others;
  • Demonstrate social awareness that is characterized by respectful interactions with staff and students    regardless of race, gender, disability, physical characteristics, ethnic group, language, sexual identity, age, national origin or religion;
  • Maintain standards of integrity and responsibility characterized by being a positive influence in your school community;
  • Report to school personnel any information related to possible issues, such as (but not limited to) fights, weapons, drugs and/or any illegal activity on campus or at school sponsored activities.  

Attendance: TRUSD HB24-25 The State of California has established that it is a parent’s legal responsibility to ensure that their child/children attend school.

  • Students must be in school every day, on time and ready to learn.
  • Students will be classified as truant if absent from school without a valid excuse three full days in one school year or tardy or absent for more than any 30-minute period during the school day without valid excuse on three occasions in one school year, or any combination. (Ed. Code 48260)  

Missed Assignments and Tests: TRUSD HB25-26 A student excused from school will be allowed to complete all assignments and tests missed during that absence that can be reasonably provided. Upon satisfactory completion within a reasonable period of time, full credit will be given. The teacher of any class from which a student is absent will determine the test and assignments be reasonably equivalent to, but not necessarily identical to, the tests and assignments the student missed during the excused absence.  

Dress Code Guidelines: TRUSD HB27-28 All students are expected to dress appropriately for a K-12 educational environment. Any clothing, hair styles, or hair color that significantly interferes with or disrupts the educational environment, unless protected under the freedom of speech laws or board policy is unacceptable. 

  • Clothing, jewelry, and personal items (backpacks, fanny packs, gym bags, water bottles, etc.) with language or images that are vulgar, sexually suggestive, discriminatory, obscene, or libelous, or that promote illegal or violent content, such as the unlawful use of weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or drug paraphernalia, or clothing that contains threats, is prohibited.  
  • Clothing should fit, be neat and clean, and conform to standards of safety, good taste, and decency.
  • Clothing that exposes cleavage, private parts, the midriff, or undergarments, or that is otherwise sexually provocative, is prohibited.  
  • Each school will allow students to wear sun-protective clothing, including but not limited to hats, for outdoor use during the school day. Each school site may adopt rules that specify the types of sun-protective clothing that students will be allowed to wear outdoors and specify the types of clothing and hats that may be “inappropriate.” (Ed. Code 35183.5)        

Electronic Devices, Cell Phones, and Cameras: TRUSD HB28 Cell phones, radios, headsets, tape recorders, televisions, video game systems, IPods, mp3 players and other electronic signaling or operational devices should not be brought to school campus, unless specifically authorized in writing.

  • If a cell phone or camera phone is seen they will be confiscated and kept in the front office for pick up by a parent/guardian.
  • If camera phones are used on campus, they will be confiscated and the student suspended.
  • The school staff are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items that should not be on campus. (Ed. code 48901.5)  

Recording Devices: TRUSD HB29 The use of any electronic listening or recording device in any classroom without the prior consent of the teacher and the principal of the school is prohibited by law. Any person who willfully violates this policy will be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to appropriate disciplinary action.  

Computer Use: TRUSD HB29 Except as required, the use of school computers and access to the Internet is a privilege. Students who do not follow the rules may be disciplined, and may lose computer privileges. When students use school computers, they agree to follow the directions of teachers and school staff, rules of the school and district, and rules of any computer network they access. Students also agree to be considerate and respectful of other users and to follow these rules:

  • Use school computers for school-related education and research only.
  • Do not use school computers and networks for personal or commercial purpose.
  • Do not change any software or documents (except documents you create).
  • Do not produce, distribute, access, use, or store information which:
    • Is prohibited by law, district or school rules;
    • Violates copyright laws;
    • Is obtained by trespassing in private or confidential files;
    • Would subject the district or individual to liability (such as defamatory information);
    • Is obscene, pornographic, or sexually explicit;
    • Causes delay, disruption, or harm to systems, programs, networks, or equipment;
    • Is otherwise prohibited in the workplace or on a school campus.  

Financial Liability: TRUSD HB29 Our district is not responsible for personal property brought to school sites or school activities.

  • Students are discouraged from bringing non-instructional items to school. 
  • Parents or guardians are responsible and will be held financially liable for acts of willful misconduct, including vandalism, by their minor children.
  • Students known to be involved may be suspended and/or expelled and subject to criminal charges.
  • In addition, our district may withhold a student’s grades, diploma, and transcript until restitution for damages is made or, if the minor and parents are unable to pay, upon completion of the performance of voluntary work in lieu of payment of monetary damages.  
  • Parents or guardians will be liable for all property belonging to the district that is loaned to the minor student and not returned. (Civil Code 49510, Ed. Code 48904)  

Tobacco: TRUSD HB30 Smoking is prohibited in all district buildings, outside on district property, and during outside activities such as concerts and sporting events on district property. Students who use or are in possession of tobacco products are subject to discipline. If a student needs assistance to stop smoking, programs are available. Please call our Student Services Department at (916) 566-1756.

Alcohol and Drug Policy: TRUSD HB30 The Twin Rivers USD believes students have the right to learn in a drug and alcohol-free school environment. Students involved with alcohol and/or drugs will face the following consequences:  

Alcohol: TRUSD HB30 Students found to be in possession, use, or under the influence of alcoholic beverages on school grounds or during a school-related activity will be subject to:

1st Offense 
3-5 day suspension OR In lieu of suspension attend 8 session Insight group
2nd Offense
5 day suspension Possible recommendation for expulsion OR In lieu of suspension or recommendation for expulsion attend 8 session Insight group
Marijuana: TRUSD HB30 Students found to be in possession, use, or under the influence of marijuana on school grounds or during a school activity will be subject to: 

1st Offense 
5 days suspension/ involuntary transfer OR In lieu of an involuntary transfer student to attend 8 session Insight group
2nd Offense
5 day suspension
Recommendation for expulsion
Insight is an 8 session intervention program for students who are having problems related to alcohol and drug use. When available and appropriate, students can attend this 8 week group. For more information about Insight, contact the Student Services Department at (916) 566-1756.  

Searches of Students and Property: TRUSD HB30 As necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of students and staff, school officials may search students, their property and/or district property under their control, and may seize illegal, unsafe and prohibited items.  

Discipline: TRUSD HB30-31 When a student is disruptive in the classroom, the teacher will first work with the student to alter that behavior. If the student continues to disrupt the learning process, he or she will be referred to other school authorities, for appropriate discipline or corrective measures. The school will notify parents, who will be expected to aid in correcting the behavior. If a student’s behavior violates school rules, the school may make recommendations, such as:

  • Counseling
  • A parent conference
  • Evaluation for placement in another school or program
  • A written contract describing conditions for improvement
  • Involuntary transfer to another school or program
  • Referral to a community or law enforcement agency
  • Discipline, which may include restriction from participation in school activities, including field trips, athletics, extracurricular activities and graduation
  • Removal from class and assignment to another school program
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion
  • Transfer to another school or program  

Suspension: TRUSD HB31 Students may be suspended for violation of school or district rules.

  • A suspension can last from 1 to 5 days.
  • During suspension, a student may not participate in regular school classes or activities, including graduation, but may be assigned to an alternative program.  
  • A teacher may require the parent or guardian of a suspended student to attend part of the school day and meet with the principal.  
  • A student who accumulates a number of suspension days (up to 15 days for grades 7-12), may be referred to a district-level review meeting to discuss alternative school placement. (Ed. Code 48925)  

Expulsion: TRUSD HB31 Expulsion will be recommended only for very serious offenses, such as possession of a weapon or dangerous object, causing physical injury to another person, furnishing or sale of a controlled substance, robbery, extortion, sexual assault, or battery.

  • If expulsion is recommended, the student will have an administrative hearing or an alternative.
  • If expelled, a student may not attend any school activity.
  • Expelled students will be placed in another educational program.  
  • Our Board of Trustees makes the final decision to expel a student.
  • During the expulsion process, a student may be placed in another school program or be out of school for up to 40 school days. (Ed. Code 48915)

*NOTE: Ed Code is short for Education Code, the rules put in place by the State of California Department of Education; HB = Handbook followed by page numbers